Monday, 6 April 2015

TM Treadmill controller


I´m trying to repair a board TM5942. I see it uses a transformer with 2 secondaries, I guess they should be around 12Vac, could you check the value of this transformer?

I also see on the connector for panel one signal is coming and another signal is going so the only way is control speed demand is coming to the board but I don´t know which signal is sending the board to the panel.

I see the processor should switch on the relay but I don´t know when because we have only one opto to send a signal from the panel to the MCB.

I see 4 LED:
LVS = ???
RLY = Relay
PANEL = Power to the panel

Can you help me to clear a little bit the philosphy under this board? Thanks, regards,


it's a tx/rx controller which speaks to the console, this is the reason why it's written connect. I don't have much experience on those TM boards as they are not very common.
If you don't have a console to test it, repair is very difficult. In this case I think it's better to give a new controller to the customer. You risk loosing time to understand how it works and then you learn just for a few pcs in your life.

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