Monday 6 April 2015

Treadmill motors with different speed ratings

Question: what happens if a customer's motor is 4200RPM and we is replaced by a 4700RPM model?


let's say the original motor is 4200 rpm at 180 V (with  treadmill max. speed of 16km/h) and the new one is 4700 at 180v

  • if the treadmill has speed sensor the console will regulate the motor speed, so it will run at 4200 rpm at about 160/170V and 16km/h -> there's no need of any regulation on the treadmill

  • if the treadmill doesn't have speed sensor (as example Greenmaster based treadmills such as Roger Black), the treadmill will run little faster let's say 17/18 km/h. -> a speed regulation by console adjustment or SPEED trimmer adjustment on motor controller board would be advisable

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