Monday 7 October 2013

Treadmill Errors: PCB Indication Light & Solutions

POWER: Input power indicator light.

M-D: When power on, M-D indicator lights on 3-5 seconds, then lights off. The M-D doesn’t light continuously when treadmill in use. If continue light on, it means MOS(FET2,FET1) broken, change controller board.

LIMIT: If over currency or resistance force too big, LIMIT light on, machine stops automatically.

S-D:S-D light on will cause machine stop. Can turn on the input power then restart treadmill. If new PCB S-D light on continue, it means PCB short circuit.

UP: Incline up light. If not light, function doesn't work.

DOWM: Incline down light. If not light, function doesn't work.

PWM: PWM signal from meter to PCB, the PWM continues lightening when speed up. If this light on but machine not work, check motor wire or change PCB.

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