Monday 7 October 2013

treadmill error e3 e4

E3:speed sensor error
1.can not read the signal from working motor within 15 seconds.
1.check the location of speed sensor and roller magnetic ,these two parts should within 3 mm
2.can not read the signal from speed sensor within 10 seconds.
2.check the speed sensor work well, use a magnetic (safety key) to check ,the sensor inside have two pins, should close or open when roller magnetic close it. 
E4incline wire
1.incline motor VR wire not on right position.
1.rework the VR cable head to be sure on right position.
2.incline motor AC wire not on right position
2.incline motor AC wire insert again to be sure right.
3.incline motor connect wire is broken.
3.change connect wire or change the incline motor

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