Friday, 16 February 2018

Icon MC2100E repair | treadmill controller checks using LED

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To find out if the controller has not been damaged etc., follow the steps described below
- with the board installed and main switch off, keep an eye on the red LED on the board (there is only one). When you turn on the main switch, the LED MUST NOT light up simultaneously with the activation of the switch, but it must light up steady after a certain delay (some instants).
At the beginning, it makes an almost imperceptible "lighting-up", then it turns on fixed. If it becomes fixed immediately, the control board is damaged (programming error) and you have to change the controller.
Other cases in which the board is damaged, always linked to the LED are:
- LED on steady immediately with weak light.
- LED completely off, but dashboard / console turned on (probable microprocessor in short).
If the board is not damaged or does not have the micro damage, then it is potentially repairable.
Note: starting from May 2015, Treadmill Spare Parts, together with the Repairs Laboratory, has developed a replacement chip which allows the successful repair of all defective Icon boards of the MC2100, MC66 and MC2000 types even in the event of a faulty original chip.

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