Thursday 4 January 2018

E1 E2 treadmill errors/ speed sensor

The errors E1 and E2 on the treadmill often depend on problems with the speed sensor (when it is not a fault of other components). In fact, they indicate the wrong reading of the actual speed of the treadmill.
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The most used sensor is the magnetic type (in the photo). In most cases, the sensor has a "cigar" shape while in some cases a square sensor is mounted. The square sensor is identical to the cigar sensor in the functionality. In both cases, before proceeding with the replacement it is advisable to check that the magnet placed on the pulley is close to the sensor (2-3 mm) otherwise the missing reading may depend on the fact that the sensor has moved due to the vibrations of the treadmill.
If the treadmill doesn’t start at all, please check the controller first.


  1. Hi I have a BodyTrail 5000 treadmill and I suspect the speed senor is an issue - I get an intermittent E1 error. Watching it runnign with the cover off I can see the Speed Sensor light flashing, and just before the E1 Error occurs the light stops flashing and the treadmill faults. I nudged the sensor closer to the flywheel magnet, checked for loose wires and tightened teh clamp holding the cigar sensor, yet it still occurs - sometimes quickly, sometimes after minutes with no load or load on the belt. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Jeff, I'd suggest first to check that all data cables are firmly connected and in good standing (not stretched/pinched). If all looks fine, you might want to check replacing the sensor, you can buy it here:

  2. Thanks! Ordered a replacement and hopefully will do the job. Cable is not pinched or pulling on either end of the sensor.