Saturday 9 September 2017

How to fix damaged wires on an exercise machine

I built a cross trainer here and when we tested it we found out that it doesn’t work. The first thing I checked was my power cord. I have the right one and it’s plugged in. It was plugged nicely in the socket in the back of the machine. The machine is still not working. The console didn’t light up.
Therefore, I started thinking what may be wrong. I may have damaged the connector or wire here. So I’ve already taken this column joint apart and you can see the wires here. I’ve checked them as well and they look fine. I don’t think that’s the problem. However, when I was checking the connectors I realised that I accidentally connected one of the connectors in a wrong way. It’s very easy to do this. Also, I bent a pin. However, I think that I can fix the problem myself. First, I need to make this pin straight again. I am going to use a little screwdriver to do so. So just put a screwdriver in and gently put the pin back in line. So that’s basically it. Now when I’ve connected it properly it should work fine. I think that’s ok but I was going to take it apart and check again. Yes, that’s fine, I can see all my pins and now nicely in a row. I can see that when I made the mistake was I actually connected it in the wrong way. I didn’t get the latch at the top. Latch clicks over the top of this little plastic tank. That was the problem. I think if I put my other connectors back together and reassemble the machine it will work just fine.
However, if you have lost, broken or damaged a cable, you can buy the replacement here:

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