Friday 1 September 2017

Fully renovated electronics for your treadmill/ Universal board and console kit for home treadmill

By intervening daily on treadmills of recent production we realized that for many brands and models of treadmills, it happens more and more frequently that the original spare parts are no longer available.
In most cases our company can offer compatible components of equal or superior quality to the original, in order to be able to carry out the repair in a convenient way.
However, sometimes repair does not seem convenient or the pieces are unavailable.
In this case, having a universal kit can be particularly convenient.
The universal treadmill kit, specially designed for fitness technicians, allows the technician to always have an exceptional tool to be able to repair without having to return to the customer with costs and hassles, and also to upgrade the treadmill with completely new and high quality electronic components.
Our company, in collaboration with a leading supplier of treadmill electronics, has developed a Universal Kit Board and Console, to be used with 8 to 9 cm DC motors (180-230V motors).
The kit consists of:
  • Console with backlight LCD, Display: 109 x 44 mm LCD, Speed ​​range 0.8 ~ 14 km / h
  • Control board capable of driving motors up to 9 cm in diameter
  • security key
  • Magnetic sensor kit + magnet to be placed on the treadmill roller for speed reading.
Console Features
  • Security key
  • Provides reading of BMI (body mass index) and body fat
  • Gradient control: engine inclination 12 levels
  • Programs: 1 manual, 7 pre-set programs, 3 targets, 2 HRCs and 2 user settings
  • Easy control of speed, tilt and start / stop
  • Predisposition for heartbeat control (via cardiopalm or chest belt by means of a special adapter)
The kit comes with everything you need for installation, including the speed sensor if it is not originally provided in the treadmill.

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