Friday 29 September 2017

Detecting the sources of noise on a treadmill

If you have a noisy treadmill and you want to locate and solve the cause of the noise, you can do so by performing some checks.
First understand if noise occurs with a user on the machine, without anyone, or in both cases.
Noise during training on the machine usually indicates a problem in the engine, chassis, screws, or deck.
If noise appears even without anyone and gets stronger as speed increases, it usually means a bearing has worn out.
Any noise coming from the top of the treadmill indicates the wear of the front roller bearings, the rear roller or the drive motor. After disassembling the plastic covers, it should be possible to understand where the noise originates.
If you do not understand where the noise comes from:
Disconnect the machine from the power and remove the motor cover
Remove the drive belt from the engine
Push the belt back or forth with just your hands and listen if it makes noise.
If you hear a noise it is likely to come from the front or rear roller.
If no noise is heard, try restarting the treadmill. Now the belt will not turn and probably the engine will stop after a few seconds. If you hear noise at this point it is likely to come from the engine, and usually indicates damage to the manifold.
If you are in doubt between the front or rear roller, you can take out the belt and rotate each roller.

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