Thursday 5 January 2017

How to fix a loose seat on an exercise bike

I have an exercise bike here. Today I am going to show you how to get rid of one very common problem for this kind of machines. This is a wobbly seat. And this problem is very easy to fix.

First, let’s check the seat itself. I am going to take it off and show you what’s underneath it. In this particular seat we have three fixings here. In this case, the whole cushion sits on this plate. So make sure that all the fixings are nice and tight.
Just use the spanner to tighten the loose fixings. You may use the spanner that came with your machine or one from your own toolkit. Either one will do the job well. One fixing here needs tightening. 
The others are nice and tight. So I can place the seat back in its place.
This is actually a slide to adjust the seat forward and back and it’s held in position with this tag here, which is a screw. Make sure that’s nice and tight.

Once you place it in the position you want you can tighten it up.
It’s also got a ratchet on this, which is quite handy. Because if you wanted it in the forward position, for example there, you won’t be able to tighten it up. Because the seat stem gets in the way. In this case, pull down on the lever and you can rotate it back and then it latches backup and engages. And then you can tighten it just like that makes the top bit nice and tight.

However, it’s still a little bit wobbly so there are other places we need to look. Let’s take a look at the height adjuster. We have the instruction where to turn to loosen it . A couple of turns to loosen it, pull it that withdraws a pin and I can set the height to what I want to set it. Like this, for example, and just make sure that the pin goes in. Just listen to the clicking sound. You know that the pin is in the hole, so tighten it up. Now everything is nice and tight.

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