Monday 30 January 2017

How to fix a brake on a spin bike (without fitting a new one!)

I’m going to give you a top tip on how to maintain your spin bikes.

This is the thing you might need to do after using your spin bike for 6 or 12 months. The problem that will occur is that the resistance will change making it difficult for you to work on a pedal with only a small amount of adjustment on the wheel.

As a result, it becomes quite difficult to adjust the resolution to the resistance you want. The reason for this is very simple. The brake, which is this device here, can just get dirty over time, it picks up dust from the house and the more dust and dirt that you get under there, the more grippy it becomes.
However, there’s an easy way to fix this problem, without changing the brake itself, so I show you how to do that.

All you need is just some silicon lubricant, this is the kind of thing that you might use on a treadmill running belt for example, and a couple of tissues just to clean up the remains.
All you have to do is to pour a little bit onto your fingers and just apply it to the outside of the wheel and turn it around putting some silicon oil onto the outside and we just go all the way around like that.
You might also put a little bit underneath the brake itself onto the pad and then use your cloths just to wipe out the remains of the oil and then get back on the bike.

Give it a quick pedal and the brake will then automatically pick up that lubricant. It will soak into the brake pad and it would just provide a little bit of slip between the brake and the wheel. As a result, you will get back that nice control you the bike was new.

So it means you’ve got much more control, if you give the adjuster a quarter of turn here you can feel the difference, but the difference doesn’t appear suddenly.
The bike becomes much more controllable and pleasant to use. There’s a top tip, hope that helps.

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