Thursday 29 December 2016

Replacing Or Adjusting The Motor Controller (procedure for Icon, Nordick Track, Weslo, Domyos, Healthrider)

  1. WARNING: Remove the key from the console and unplug the power cord before beginning. Electric shock and injury may occur if the power cord is connected to an electrical outlet. Read these instructions completely before beginning.
If you have replaced the drive motor and you now need to adjust the maximum speed on the motor controller, go to step 6.
If you are replacing the motor controller, go to step 2.
  1. Remove the motor hood. Note: A wiring diagram is located underneath the motor hood.
  2. Locate the old motor controller in the motor area. Hold the new motor controller next to the old motor controller. Disconnect a wire from the old motor controller, and connect it in the same location on the new motor controller. Repeat for the other wires.
  3. Remove the screws attaching the old motor controller to the treadmill, and remove the old motor controller.
  4. Place the new motor controller in the same location as the old motor controller. Attach the new motor controller with the screws that you removed in step 4.
  5. Plug in the power cord. Next, stand on the floor beside the treadmill; do not stand on the treadmill. Press the Speed increase button and the Stop button while inserting the key into the console to enter the calibration mode. Then, release the buttons.
Next, press the Stop button again to select the second level of the calibration mode. Then, press the Speed increase button until the display reads 85; the walking belt will begin moving. The display will show the actual speed of the walking belt.
If the actual speed displayed is between 9.7 mph and 10.3 mph, go to step 8. If the actual speed displayed is less than 9.7 mph or more than 10.3 mph, go to step 7.

  1. You now need to adjust the maximum speed on the motor controller. First, remove the key and unplug the power cord. Locate the small plastic maximum speed potentiometer on the motor controller. The motor controller is located on the right side of the motor compartment. Note: Your motor controller may appear different from the motor controller shown below.