Thursday 29 December 2016

Replacing The Drive Motor (procedure for Icon, Nordick Track, Weslo, Domyos, Healthrider)

WARNING: Remove the key from the console and unplug the power cord before beginning. Electric shock and injury may occur if the power cord is con­nected to an electrical outlet. Read these instructions completely before beginning. This procedure requires two persons.
Important: Your treadmill and components may look different from those shown in the drawings.
Remove the motor hood (not shown).
2. Loosen the indicated bolts (A) and then remove the spring (B) from the treadmill. Next, roll the front roller (C) toward the drive motor (D) and carefully remove the drive belt (E) from the pulley on the drive motor.
Note: Your treadmill may not have a spring (B) and idler arm (F).
  1. Place the new drive motor on the walking belt (G) near the old drive motor (D). Follow a wire from the old drive motor to the location where it is connect­ed to the treadmill. Disconnect the wire. Connect the same wire from the new motor in the same location. Repeat for all the wires from the old and new drive motors. Make sure that the new wires are routed along the same paths as the old wires. Cut any wire ties securing the old wires.
  2. See the drawing in step 2. Remove the bolts (A), the motor bushings (H), the motor spacer (I), and the old drive motor (D). Note: Your treadmill may have a different quantity and type of hardware.
Locate the serial number (P/N) on the old drive motor (D). Contact Customer Care and provide them with the serial number. Discard the old drive motor.
Attach the new drive motor (D) with the motor spacer (I), the motor bushings (H), and the bolts (A). Route the drive belt (E) under the pulley on the idler arm (F) and onto the drive motor pulley. Then, reattach the spring (B).
5. You now need to adjust the maximum speed on the motor controller. To do this, follow the instruc­tions found on the article Replacing Or Adjusting The Motor Controller.

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