Friday 18 November 2016

How to maintain the pedals on a spin bike/studio cycle

This is an indoor training cycle and I’m just going to give you a tip with regard to maintenance.
Quite often pedals will be subject to wear so this is the sort of thing you might need to check every 6 to 12 months, it depends on how much you use the bike.
Pedal straps for example are wearing parts and they can fray, particularly the edges, and at the top here, these are quite inexpensive so if it starts to fray it’s always best to change it before it breaks.
And also, while you’re at it, check the pedal as well because these pedals have got bearings that go through the center and obviously, if you use the bike a lot, those bearings can be subject to wear.
What you can do is, with your spray oil, apply a little bit of lubricant in between the end of the pedal and the crank arm, just give it a couple of turns, work it in and we’ve really invigorated the bearings and just make them turn free again.
That’s all you need to do and that’ll help keeping the pedal going for quite a long time and avoid bearing wear.

If you’ve got the residue just clean it up. Check for corrosion because obviously if you’re perspiring on the bike this joint can get corroded so with a damp cloth or gym wipes give a clean and then they are good to go.

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