Monday, 14 November 2016

How to fix a squeaking/creaking treadmill

I’m John, I’m an engineer by trade and also an expert in fitness machines.
We have here a treadmill and I’m just going to show you a little test and a couple of little tips really useful for curing noises. So there are things that squeaks and creaks on your treadmill. I’m talking about the noise that you get when you’re running on the machine and every time your foot goes down you’ll get a sort of a creaking noise or an irritating squeak.
First, please check and see where it’s coming from. Just position yourself in the middle of the treadmill and bounce up and down a little bit. Quite often you’ll get the noise to occur, this machine hasn’t got a noise. This is a brand-new machine and it’s fine. The sort of noises that you get every time you do that and every time you bounce on it, it’s quite distinctive noise and really irritating if you’re using the machine a lot.
So things you can check are the arms. They are nice and tight, if not you can check the pivots at the front of the treadmill. You also have the incline mechanisms here. They’re quite easy to check, because you can get a kind of lubricant and just pop a little bit of lubricant on to those pivots. There’s one at the front and one at the back and you can do the same on that side as well. There’s another set there and also you can turn the machine. You can lift the back of the machine up. So when you lift in the back of the machine you will hear a click when the deck reaches upright position.
On this machine there’s actually a locking leave, so to release the locking lever just give it a push press down with your foot and it comes off the latch obviously.
Listen for it to be clicked in, because we’re going to work down there so we don’t want this falling on our heads.
And we can do all of these places with just a little bit of lube inside and out. [the video shows Jon lubricating some pivots and the gas struts]. The chances are that in amongst all of those little points all those pivots leave now lubricated the one that was making the noise will now be secured so that when you release the machine and pop it back down again you should find that when you bounce up and down and you don’t hear anything, that’s ideal!


  1. I have just bought a new treadmill everything works, but when I stand on it, it creaks like crazy?

  2. My brand new treadmill is creaking not squeaking like mad when I stand on it what can I do to rectify this problem

    1. Follow the advice in the video, lube the running belt and if you got it shipped to your home please also check that all is fine and the frame is aligned. Sometimes they get hit during the transport.

  3. Hi, I have a fairly new Bowflex T116 and it creaks like crazy on the left side board. It doesn’t squeak it’s not bolts or lube issues it’s creaking like an old wooden floor board. It drives me crazy, like the plastic is creaking. Paid $1600 for this treadmill not even a year ago, the noise is a huge turn off. When I stand directly on the left side board I know that’s where the noise is coming from but I don’t know how to fix it since it’s not a lube problem.