Tuesday 10 February 2015

Wear and Tear - Replacing Treadmill Belts

If your treadmill belt is wearing, tearing or curling up around its edges it may be time to replace it!
But first check the state of the treadmill deck, if in good condition it may only need to be lubricated. If worn then, then you may need to replace the belt and the deck.
If the deck looks good, and the walking belt is worn it is time to replace the belt. Most treadmills are basically the same so this is a generic set of instructions. If you have an owner’s manual please follow the manufacturer’s instructions. 
Alternatively we can do it for you. Or contact us for any advice.

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  1. Great information and thanks to advice us through this knowledgeable post! May be my treadmill will get one of the above treatment soon.