Tuesday 10 February 2015

How to look after your Fitness Equipment | Cardio equipment maintenance

It is important to remember that the better care you take of your equipment the longer it is likely to last as well as maintaining your own safety. Regular maintenance in small doses can achieve this.
Your first reference for maintenance should always be the manufacturer’s guide. If this is missing or have been misplaced check our blog for useful tips.
Cardio equipment is the most popular machinery at gyms and their maintenance and cleaning are often overlooked. The electronic nature of the components means they need to be kept free from dust to function correctly. Therefore dusting as important and should be done regularly.

With treadmills, make sure the console, handrails and other parts that come into contact with the user are kept clean, this includes the deck. The buttons also can malfunction if not kept clean. Wipe down and vacuum regularly.

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