Monday 21 July 2014



Belt tracking adjustments may become necessary. The adjustment bolts are at the tail roller
and require a 1/4" (6.35mm) Hex Key Drive. Turning the right bolt clockwise will cause the belt
to move to the left and vice versa. Adjust one bolt only half a turn at a time. Run the belt slowly
at 2-3 MPH (3-5 km/hr) while adjusting, then run it fast for 30 seconds or more to check the result.
Adjust the belt to ride in the center of the running surface and motor shroud.


The motor drive belt might require tensioning during normal use.  Adjust the motor belt tension
to eliminate slippage. The adjusting procedure is as follows:
Unplug the unit, unscrew and lift the motor shroud. Loosen the motor bolts and tension bolt
lock nut. Turn the tension bolt 1/4 turn clockwise. Tighten tension bolt lock nut and motor bolts.
Position the motor shroud and plug the unit in.


We designed and engineered the elevation belt and pulley assembly for years of trouble free
use; however, if the belt and assembly needs servicing or if you hear a "popping" noise when
using the elevation system proceed as follows:

1. Elevate the treadmill to a 10% grade.
2. Unplug the unit, lift the motor shroud and place a piece of carpet or other soft material
next to the equipment.
3. Carefully tip the unit on its side and inspect the belt tension.  A 1/4" (8mm) deflection with
moderate pressure is acceptable.
4. If more tension is necessary, loosen the 1/2" (12.7mm) bolt retaining the idler pulley
assembly. Increase the tension to a 1/4" (6mm) deflection by moving the idler pulley.
5. Tighten the 1/2" (12,7mm) idler assembly bolt.
6. Return the unit to an upright position, plug it in and check the operation of the elevation
mechanism. If it's working satisfactorily, unplug the power cord, lower and position the
motor shroud and reinsert the plug.


The phenolic material laminated running bed surface is coated with a "wax-like" substance.
During the break-in period, (20-30 hrs. of operation), this material may "migrate" along the sur-
face of the running bed and accumulate on the head and tail rollers: This accumulation could
cause a slight "thumping" noise. If the thumping noise persists after a prolonged period of time,
you should remove some of the accumulation from the tail roller. The procedure is as follows:

1.     Turn the belt adjustment bolts counter-clockwise with the 1/4" (8.35mm) Hex Key Driver
far enough to loosen the running belt.
2.      Remove the largest accumulations of the "wax-like" material, DO NOT remove all the
substance, as it is needed to lubricate the running bed and belt.
3.      Turn the belt adjustment bolts clockwise and adjust the belt to ride in the center of the
running surface and motor shroud.  DO NOT over tighten, as this will distort the shape
of the running belt.

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