Wednesday 9 May 2018

Making the most of cross trainers by properly adjusting the elliptical

The position of your feet on the elliptical (cross trainer) influences the way of working of the muscles of your legs:
- with the feet as far as possible, the quadriceps work a little more
- with the feet as far back as possible, the buttocks work a little more
Even if you tilt your torso a little further, you can see more work on your buttocks.
The energy expenditure and fatigue are greater when the movement of the legs also matches that of the arms.
When you feel tired, before stopping the exercise try to stop the arms by putting them on the appropriate supports and continue only with the legs.
Some useful tips for those starting to train with the cross trainer.
To get on the elliptical position laterally, rest the foot on the lower platform keeping your hands firmly resting on the fixed handlebars of the tool, then pushing on the supported leg also bring the other foot on the platform. Only once the movement is started, towards the front, carefully move the hands on the mobile supports, one at a time. Never move your legs without having your hands resting on either the fixed or mobile part.
Keep your feet all resting on the platform and wear appropriate footwear. Do not perform barefoot exercise.
Also for the descent, first stop the leg stroke, then holding firmly to the fixed part of the handlebar, descend sideways first with one foot then with the other.
Stay with your back straight if you suffer from backache.

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