Thursday 30 June 2016

Removing and installing thermal protection

Step 1: make a slight lever on the motor fan megamotor or icon. Slightly pull the fan to remove it. If you see a screw in the center of the fan, you need to unscrew it BEFORE. If you need to re-use the fan, be careful not to break it.

Step 2: loosen the screws that hold the plastic brushes holder

Step 3: unscrew by hand the nuts (or bolts)

Step 4: remove the thermocouple (thermal protection). These are two blue or green cables connected to a small metal plate

Step 5: the plate has been removed

Step 6: attach the insulated thermocouple on the new engine. On the plate, there is some current. So, you should isolate it both from the motor frame and outward (to avoid getting shocked by touching it)

Step 7: If you need to re-use the flywheel of the old engine, separate the rotor from the outer frame. You will experience a slight resistance because of magnetic force.

Step 8: firmly hold or tighten the engine in a clamp. You can now unscrew the flywheel.
Unscrew the flywheel by rotating it opposite to the rotation of the motor. Generally you should unscrew the flywheel by rotating it clockwise.

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